This is a set of tools developed as part of the ECOM project to provide assistance in the pre-pandemic, pandemic and post-pandemic phases to those responsible for planning and evaluating programmes aimed at influencing behaviour.


These tools have been developed as a result of the ECOM project that identified the need for sets of easy-to-use and pick-and-mix tools to assist professional health communications and marketing staff and those less familiar with developing best practice informed health communication and behavioral programmes.


This toolbox is designed so that public health staff can select the tools or checklists that will help them in the order that they need them. The toolbox is not set out in a sequential manner, rather it is designed to provide practitioners with a range of easy to use tools that they can select from to help build a more efficient and effective intervention.

This toolbox can be supplemented with a more structured technical guide to social marketing that is available from ECDC. This guide was developed by Professor Jeff French and Franklin Apfel for ECDC during 2015 and complements and was informed by the ECOM programme. The guide is available free of charge here.