This tool gives general and country-specific recommendations how to communicate with the public during influenza pandemics. It is based on a study that included over 15,000 people in 10 countries in the EU.


During a pandemic, an organization may have different communication goals, such as getting people vaccinated, informing people about the pandemic, or getting people interested in seeking more information on their own. While these goals often align, they can sometimes diverge. This tool gives recommendations based on what the communication goal of the organization is.


The Recommendations page provides links to general recommendations as well as specific recommendations for 10 European countries (Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom). The tool gives recommendations on how to visualize risk using maps, how to describe symptoms, which stories to feature, how to portray certainty of information and confidence in recommendations, and which labels to use for the influenza type.

In addition to the recommendations, you can also view the study materials in the native language by clicking a link towards the bottom of each infographic.